Vanessa Wright

I have been doing a combination of Power and Iyenga yoga on and off for the last 14 years. Initially this was a way to support my running habit. I started yoga as running and life in general had meant I constantly had a sore lower back and terrible sciatica.  I was unable to reach past my knees in a straight legged forward bend, or do anything that remotly resembled a back bend.

Over time my love for yoga deepened when a change in circumstances 3 years ago required a need to be very grounded over a longer period of time.   Practicing regulary with Hamish and Margo I became addicted to the powerful dynamic practice of Baron Baptist I was offered.  I  was amazed at the changes and benefits received by doing yoga more regulary both to my body and mind.  This revelation made me realise that I wanted to learn how to teach so I could give these benefits to anyone willing to learn.   

With my love of power yoga still in place I came across Katie Lane, the alignment based practice she offered helped me deepen my knowledge and I was lucky enough to complete my first 200hr TT with her at Grassroots.  Katies yoga style is based on her intial Anusara training and her own experience over the last 15 years.  Her training opened my mind to a whole new world of yoga.

I very quickly realised the benefits of the combination of these two styles of yoga and started on my journey to see how I could combine the two effectively.

I have completed my 300 hour teacher training with Noah Maze. This training has deepened my yoga knowledge significantly in all facets of yoga, more specifically in anatomy and kinesiology.

As a qualified 500 hr TT yoga instructor, I am excited to be able to provide classes that combine elements of grounding, alignment, flow and growth to my students.  I have created a peaceful, comfortable calm environment in my studio in the trees at 100 Soleares Ave.  Students are often commenting as to how they like the relaxed, friendly open environment at the studio.  Savasana is often interupted with the sound of bird song, and on that lucky day a bellbird comes to visit.

I also am fotunate enough to share my knowledge with the Grassroots community teaching a morning flow class on a Tuesday morning at 6:15am.

What Yoga is to me.

Yoga gives me the time to connect with what my body and mind are up too.  I am continually amazed at how even though I think I have a good understanding of the body I have lived in for 41 years, it surprises me what it can do.  I love the challenge of working on the bits that arent so perfect and how I have learnt to accept my genetics or notice that over time small changes come that make a big difference.  I love how the poses themselves keep you humble yet proving to me that my mind set makes a big difference to what I can and cant achieve.  This understanding has helped me apply this to a lot of areas in my life.  The grounding and calming effect on my mind is constantly helping me deal with whatever life seems to have thrown my way.  Yoga to me is Love.  I love how it grounds, stretches and strengthens my mind, body and soul.  I also love how I get to share these benefits with anyone who is willing to learn.