• Class per term $14 per class.  (payment in full required at start of the term)
  • Concession $170 – $17 per class (10 classes, valid for 2 terms)
  • Casual $20 per class

Getting Started.

What to wear

The most important thing is to wear clothes that you find comfortable to exercise in.  Be mindful that you are going to be moving, stretching and warming the body up in different plains of movment  so it would be preferable if it was breathable and something you don’t feel restricted in.

Food and Drink

Drink plenty of water before and after class this is important to help flush out toxins and stay hydrated.

Food – Everyones body seems to be different in this area.  It is not advisable to eat a big meal up to 2 hours before a class but it’s helpful to have something to sustain you through the class.  You will get a feel as to what suits your body, but you could try having something like a banana and or a few nuts an hour before class.


It is very important you let me know about any injuries you may have.  This will help me provide you with the appropriate variations in a pose to keep your body safe and keep it going long term.  If you are unsure about any injuries you may have, it is always best to consult with your primary health care provider first.

What do I bring?

  • Bring a mat if you have one (I have some available at the studio)
  • A Waterbottle
  • I have blankets, straps and bolsters available when required.