Hello, welcome to yoganess, these friendly yoga classes are now held in the lovely new space in the Mt Pleasant School Hall  🙂 A space where you can take time to connect, ground, strengthen, and stretch the body and mind.

Whether you are new to yoga or looking at trying out a different setting/teacher enjoy looking at what I have to offer.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


All Levels – Flow
Monday 7:30pm, Wednesday 6:30am

This class focuses on strong alignment principals whilst honing in on some of the smaller details of the poses.  It provides a combination of dynamic flowing asana balanced out with some deeper more restorative poses. Options for different levels are given to accomodate students of all levels.  My aim is to have my students leaving feeling like they have had a balanced combination of strengthening, stretching and calming the body and mind.